Marke Organic Farms

Keith was born and raised in Pulaski, Wisconsin and spent much of his childhood helping local farmers.  After college graduation and many years in the manufacturing sector, he and a co-worker started a metal fabrication shop.   This experience, along with his knowledge from previous farm work, has been invaluable for planning and maintaining the farm. 

Maren was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and has lived in northeast Wisconsin for the last 20 years.  Maren brings a science background to the farm, with a degree in Food Science from UW-Madison, and experience as a food microbiologist and food chemist (one of the many reasons we believe chemicals don't belong in our food).  In addition, she worked as a veterinary technician for several years, which is valuable on the farm to witness animal health and behavior.  She is an NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist and holds an Associate degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant, using this degree at NWTC as a Physical Therapist Assistant laboratory instructor.

‚ÄčMarke Organic Farms is owned and operated by Keith and Maren Skovera.  We farm because over the last several years we became more aware of the negative trends in food production.  We were concerned about the availability of quality food sources in which food was grown or raised without chemical pesticides, herbicides, hormones or GMO's.  We also strongly believe in land stewardship.  We need to take care of the land that takes care of us.  These factors led us to the start of Marke Organic Farms, where we implement these philosophies.