Ground Beef$6.00/lb.
Beef Patties$6.50/lb.
Sirloin, Ribeye Steaks$11.50/lb.
T-Bone Steaks


Porterhouse Steaks$16.00/lb.
Roast-Bone In, Round Steaks$8.00/lb.
Soup Bones, Bones with Marrow$3.50/lb.
Liver, Heart, Tongue$7.00/lb



Organic Grassfed and Grass-Finished Beef Price List



Marke Organic Farms

Beef by the whole or half:  Now taking orders for Fall 2019 processing.

Beef can also be ordered by the whole or half. The cost is $3.50/lb., hanging weight plus processing (approximately $.60/lb.). A 600 lb. hanging weight will produce about 420 lbs. of actual take home weight. To figure the average price per pound of take home weight start with the hanging weight of 600 lbs.

600 x $3.50/lb.= $2, 100 add processing, 600 x $.60=$360.00 for total cost of $2,460.00.

$2,460/420 lbs. = $5.86/lb. This is your average cost per pound for your take home weight.

Note: this is an example cost only. Cattle weights vary along with processing, cuts and packaging requirements by customer.