Marke Organic Farms

Marke Organic Farms - Beef

When you visit our farm you'll notice that all of our cattle are the beautiful Belted Galloway breed.  Our animals are from registered breeding stock raised on our farm.  We encourage our cattle to enjoy their natural way of life by daily grazing in the lush paddocks here on the farm.  The cattle are 100% grassfed and grass-finished.  We do not use any grains, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides or any by-products.  The cattle have access to fresh water on every paddock and free feed certified organic minerals as they desire in their shelter area.

Belted Galloway cattle have many desirable qualities.  The "Beltie" has a double layer of hair providing it's warmth instead of the thick layer of back fat found on most other breeds.  This produces a lean and flavorful meat with dressed weights in excess of 60% of live weights.  

Due to their 100% grassfed and grass-finished diet it takes 24 - 28 months for our animals to reach butchering maturity, unlike today's grainfed feedlot cattle which mature in less than a year.  Beef cattle used to be grassfed, which produced meat high in omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid , vitamins A and E, and cancer fighting anti-oxidants.  After World War II, the practice of feeding grain, especially corn, became prevalent.  This was more cost-effective for the farmer, but came at a steep price...the health of the animal and the meat consumer.  This is why we strongly believe in our 100% grassfed and grass-finished cattle diet.

Marke Organic Farms - Pork 

The hogs on our farm are Large Blacks, which is a heritage breed, an Old World hog. They live on pasture with trees, long grasses, large wallows and receive fresh water several times daily.  They are free to eat what they find on pasture, mostly grasses and roots, they receive a small amount of supplemental organic no soy grain every day, along with eggs and lots of vegetables. In the winter we feed alfalfa and red clover that we harvest on the farm. Our philosophy with our hogs is the same as with the cattle (and our chickens as well!)...we want them to live as natural a life as possible, with organic, quality food and little stress...happy animals! 

Marke Organic Farms - Chicken and Eggs

We have a variety of chicken breeds on the farm...Plymouth Barred Rock, Wyandotte, Leghorn, Red Star, Americauna, and Red Ranger Broiler (these are meat birds). As mentioned above, we want the animals to do what animals do, therefore the chickens have the run of the farm. They're free to roam, eating insects and other things they find. They receive supplemental organic no soy grain as well as lots of vegetables from the garden. This not only makes happy, healthy chickens, but it also makes delicious, nutritious eggs.